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Welcome to Jack’s Soapbox!

Back In the 60s, Stan Lee would do this thing for Marvel called Stan‘s soapbox where once a month, in the back of all the comics that came out, there would be a little column where he‘d write about all the thoughts that we’re going through his head. Jack‘s Soapbox will be something like that where every other day I will post an awesome article about some of my favorite movies, comics, TV shows, video games, books and more.

What I’ve been excited about this week is this old video game called Asteroids that I’ve been kind of addicted to. I had always known about the game of course, but I haven’t been that big of a fan of it until just recently. In Asteroids, you play as a tiny spaceship floating around out in the middle of an asteroid field. The objective of the game is to destroy every meteor and flying saucer that comes towards you. If one of these things hits you, you lose a life. Once you shoot everything in sight, you move on to the next level.

Surprisingly, I’ve managed to clear more than two levels on this game. The reason this is a surprise to me is because I suck at most classic video games. I didn’t even know the objective of Pac-Man up until 2 years ago. The reason I think I’m good at this game is because (like Adam Sandler’s character in Pixels) I’m really good at seeing the patterns. I’m not saying I’m a god at this game. I’m only a novice at it. What I am saying is that if I keep heading down the road I’m on, I could be the next world champion.

To most people, Asteroids is just some dusty old coin-op. To me, it’s a metaphor for everyday life. We are all just trying to avoid all the meteors and flying saucers the world throws at us. Sometimes they may hit, but as long as you’ve got the people you care about at your side, you can never lose. I’m so wise, right?!

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