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Minecraft in Smash Bros. At Last!

So, if your sources are as reliable as mine, you’ve probably heard the news.  If not, let me be your source.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, Nintendo worked out a deal with Mojang so Minecraft characters can be playable as DLC characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

There’s gonna be four playable characters: Steve, Alex, a Zombie and an 

Enderman.  The character I’m most excited about is Steve, because his move set looks the most awesome.  He has this one move where he starts building this tower of blocks below his feet so you can’t get him.  I haven’t been this excited about  Smash Bros. since I heard about Ryu and Ken being in there.

Minecraft is a very interesting add on to Smash Bros., considering that there’s 

nothing remotely like it in there.  None of the other characters are made of just blocks, they're all usually cartoons, live action, or anime, so it is a little strange to see Steve and Mario in the same room, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.  

Man, all this hype about Minecraft actually makes me want to play it again.  I 

used to play creative all the time back in 4th grade, but now I want to try survival! I think I want to get it on the Nintendo Switch so I can buy the Star Wars Rebels DLC skin pack and play as Ezra Bridger. The reason I suddenly thought Minecraft survival mode would be fun is because I’ve been thinking a lot about Dungeons and Dragons lately, and Minecraft survival mode sounds a lot like that because you have to keep track of your health, your hunger, your belongings, all sorts of stuff.

Minecraft in Smash Bros. has been one of my wildest dreams for a long time, 

but something I have wished for even more than Minecraft (which probably won’t happen) is Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat to be playable characters in Smash Bros.  That would be awesome, right!? Sure it seems impossible, but with Nintendo working things out with Mojang they could eventually do something with Nether Realm studios.

Artie’s probably gonna be pissed with me for telling the world about the 

Minecraft DLC right here instead of the podcast, so I’d better shut my mouth before I say too much.  By everybody, and thanks for reading.

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Artie Higgins
Artie Higgins

Keeping it great, Jack!

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