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Everything I Look For in a Movie

The way I usually rank movies by the level of goodness is on a scale of 1 to 10. You may know some people who do that or perhaps even you do it, but I can guarantee you that my way is different from just 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. In my book, there are 10 things a movie requires to be perfect: relatable characters, good story structure, character arc, an interesting antagonist, a strong message, great actors, lives up to/exceeds my expectations, has a twist,never steps out of genre, and lives up to it’s franchise. If a movie has all these things, It’s a 10/10. If a movie is missing some of these things, it’ll be something under 10. If it has all these things and more, it will be something over 10. Take my favorite movie for example, Wreck-It Ralph. It’s what I like to consider a “modern classic”. It would be a 12/10 because not only does it fill out everything on my list but it gets 2 bonus points for being about arcade games and having cameos of iconic characters. Take a movie I hate for example, like Aquaman. Sure, it’s one of the best selling movies of all time but it does not have good story structure, relatable characters, an interesting antagonist, a strong message, a twist, character arc or anything about reaching my expectations, so it therefore gets 2/10. You may say that there were three boxes on my list that Aquaman checked off, but I immediately subtracted one point because there were a lot of parts that didn’t go anywhere. To be more specific, that scene when Arthur and Mera just out of nowhere decide to shoot an Olive Garden commercial. Wreck-It Ralph on the other hand had no pointless scenes and it has all 10 things a movie needs. My absolute favorite part is the message, which I will talk about in a later blog post. For your information, this blog post contains some info in which I will be referring back to a lot. Not only for when I review movies on the blog but also on future Geek Gossip episodes, so if this was a comic book series I’d call this a key issue. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If so, have a good rest of your day. If not, that’s OK, we can’t all be perfect.

-See ya next time, Jack Higgins 

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Artie Higgins
Artie Higgins
Oct 17, 2020

Great job, Jack! This is probably your best so far!

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