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5 Marvel Superheroes We'd Love to see Predator Fight

For years, the iconic monsters originating from films like Alien and Predator have appeared in several crossovers with a variety of comic book characters, most notably DC's heroes such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and even the entire Justice League. However, with Marvel acquiring the Alien and Predator rights a new era has begun, and somewhere down the road you can expect to see our favorite bad-ass, R-rated action movie aliens interact with the champions of the Marvel Universe. In this blog post, I will be going through the top Marvel heroes we think could have the best crossovers with Predator that will be definite clashes of legends remembered for ages.

5 - Spider-Man

When you say "Marvel Universe", Spidey is one of the first characters who comes to mind so if Predator ever makes it to Peter Parker's neighborhood in New York City, there's no way he's not gonna run into J.J.'s least favorite wallcrawler. It would be an even match - they're both equally strong, comparably fast and can climb pretty well, plus the Spider-sense could match Predator's invisibility and it would be interesting to see how web fluid stacks up against advanced alien weaponry.

On top of this, several of Spidey's villains could have interesting interactions with Predator, most notable and obvious of which being Kraven the Hunter. They both serve similar roles in their respective universes as confident warriors who collect trophies and hunt bad-asses for sport, so I'd be curious to see how they'd react to each other. Would they team up on Spider-Man or would they compete to see who could kill him first? Would they hunt each other or just have mutual respect? If they fought, who would win? All good questions I'd love to see answered in a potential Spider-Man vs. Predator comic story line.

4 - Captain America

While in comic crossovers the Predators will typically fight your usual, powered-up, underwear on the outside men-in-tights type of characters, from the franchise of their origin they're known to take on normal human bad-asses who will typically be underdogs and some type of soldier or warrior. This is where Captain America comes in. He isn't as powerful as most other superheroes, Marvel themselves say he can only lift up to 800 pounds and to win fights he's strongly reliant on his combat strategies, fighting ability and never-surrender attitude to win. This is why it would be awesome for him to fight Predator.

Just imagine how cool it would be if there was a mini-series where Captain America's going through the jungle in WWII, and the rest of his team gets taken down by Predators leaving him the sole survivor and forced to fight Predator on his own. Batman against the Predator was already interesting enough, so Captain America, being someone versus battle nerds like myself constantly compare to Batman on terms of power, could give Predator a fair fight in what would surely make an awesome series.

3 - Daredevil

The dark and gritty corner of the Marvel Universe Daredevil calls home would be a perfect place for the violent nature of the Predator to start a hunt, and lots of street level Marvel characters could make difficult prey. Punisher, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage could all have good rivalries with the Predator, but none of them could give him the same challenge that Daredevil could.

With Predator's invisibility, he'd be able to sneak up on just about anybody except for Daredevil with his insane radar that Stan Lee confirmed is better than the Spider-sense. Therefore, Daredevil would be the only person who could stop the Predator and since that makes the conflict even heavier and puts the stakes into place that all of New York is counting on Daredevil, that crossover could make an amazing story.

2 - Black Panther

Let's face it, a Black Panther/Predator crossover basically writes itself. Black Panther's kingdom is near a jungle, Predator's famous for fighting bad-asses in jungles. Predator has a lot of advanced alien weapons and Black Panther has his vibranium. Black Panther's awesome and so is Predator, so a fight between these two is bound to happen.

The idea of Predator's ship landing in the Jungle by Wakanda and him taking down a bunch of the nation's finest warriors till it eventually gets the attention of King T'Challa sounds awesome, but something that sounds even better would be an army of Wakandans vs. an army of Predators!! When these two worlds collide, the sky's the limit on what you can do, so it would rock to see Black Panther take on Predator in the near future.

1 - Wolverine

Everything that's made these last four match-ups awesome would be present in the fight between Predator and Wolverine, except they'd be even better and more great elements would be put into the mix. I think the best way to do it would be having Predator's ship land in the Canadian Wilderness, an environment we've never seen the Predator in before and just have him fight a bunch of the wildlife and local hunters, eventually leading to the point where he fights Wolverine in what's bound to be an awesome clash.

It would be a serious challenge for Predator to attempt getting around Logan's healing factor and same goes for Logan trying to tolerate Predator's insane weaponry. They both have big metal claws that could rival each other along with great fighting ability. I think it would be cool if they did this as a more bloody and gory type of story with awesome action, epic one-liners and an interesting plot.

So those are five Marvel characters I'd love to see Predator fight! When the news is relevant, you can expect me to make a similar post about Marvel characters I'd like to see fight Xenomorphs. What are some Marvel characters you wanna see take on Predator? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your week!!

Stay geeky,

-Jack Higgins

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